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Schützinger is a family company with over six decades of tradition. After founding in the year 1950 Schützinger quickly gained a reputation for its range of electrical connections for measuring and testing laboratories.

The first catalogues from 1950s already contained a number of banana plugs, measuring leads and terminal posts that were implemented in measuring and testing laboratories. Today, Schützinger is not only a global supplier of a wide range of standard measuring technology products, but also constructs and manufactures customised electric connections for diverse sectors as per customers' requirements. The current range comprises of around 3,000 standard and customer specific products, which are sold worldwide. Schützinger has been following a philosophy of developing its own products and having them manufactured by specialist suppliers since the company laid its foundation. This highly flexible production network is growing constantly and in the meantime can cater to almost any customer request and any required number of items. As a result, Schützinger stands strong in the market for its consistent delivery of products with excellent quality.


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