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a family owned business, manufacturing hand tools for over 100 years. Renowned for high quality and performance, Gedore tools are manufactured in Europe and represented in 70 countries across the world. Our Torque centre of excellence, located in Guildford, UK helps support all our customers with knowledge of practical solutions to enhance their output using Gedore tools. Read more

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Gedore Torque Screwdrivers are designed to provide accurate repeatability for applications in all working environments. With ranges from 2cN.m/ Gedore torque screwdrivers give you the peace of mind that operators are consistently delivering the correct torque time after time.

Gedore Torque Wrenches are easy to use, accurate and dependable. Designed for the operator in mind, pre-set or adjustable models range from 0.4N.m/, comfortable to use and feature different end fittings to suit almost every application.

Gedore Capture Lite torque checkers help your operatives check that they are applying correct torque. Easy to use, can be installed in-line can also save time and money whilst increasing output quality, conformity, and product safety.

Gedore Dial Measuring Torque Wrenches are a cost effective, mechanical tool to verify and monitor torque to ensure process conformity, and product safety. Versatile, durable, they can be used in most MRO & Qualty Control environments.

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