MICROCHIP  MCP402XEV  Evaluation Board, Digital Potentiometer

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The MCP402XEV is a MCP402X low cost evaluation board that quickly enables the user to exercise all of the features of the MCP402X non volatile digital potentiometer. This kit includes two PCBs, one populated & one unpopulated. The populated PCB has an MCP4021-103E/SN digital pot configured as a windowed potentiometer using a 2.5kR pull up and a 2.5kR pull down resistor. The PCB supports the 8 pin SOIC, SOT23-6 and SOT23-5 MCP402X package variations. A 6 pin PIC10F206-I/OT with flash memory is utilised to generate all of the low voltage and high voltage MCP402X serial commands when the two momentary switches are depressed in various sequences. This enables the user to increment and decrement the wiper, save the setting to EEPROM & exercise the WiperLocktm feature. The PCB also supports the standard ICSP programming header used by the BFMP low cost programming tool.
  • Non volatile memory(EEPROM)
  • Simple up/down protocol
  • Automatic recall of wiper setting on power up
  • Sample firmware to interface the PIC10F206 with push buttons & the MCP402X
  • Interprets momentary switch inputs to determine what serial command to execute
  • Uses a high speed oscillator output to create a low cost charge pump for HV commands
  • PCB supports in circuit serial programming using the BFMP programming header
  • One un populated PCB for rapid prototyping of an MCP402X application
  • Resistance values of 2kR, 5kR, 10kR and 50kR


Silicon Manufacturer:
Silicon Core Number:
MCP4021, MCP4022, MCP4023, MCP4024
Kit Application Type:
Power Management
Application Sub Type:
Digital Potentiometer
Core Architecture:
Core Sub-Architecture:
Silicon Family Name:
Kit Contents:
Eval Board MCP4021-103/OT, PIC10F206-I/OT, One Blank PCB, User's Guide
Product Range:
MCP4021-103E/SN Configured as a "Windowed" Potentiometer, PIC10F206-I/OT with Firmware
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)

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  • Power Management


One populated Printed Circuit Board, One blank PCB to allow rapid prototyping of a specific digital potentiometer configuration, Two samples each of the MCP4021-202/OT, MCP4021-502/OT, MCP4021-103/OT and MCP4021-503/OT, One PIC10F20X-I/OT sample, MCP401X/2X Digital Potentiometer Evaluation Board User's Guide.

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