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AirPod Max Head Phones & Soldering Kit


Bose Bluetooth Speaker, Waterproof Cases, RPI4


Fit bit, Waterproof Cases , RPI4 8GB


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Quiz-1 Clues

You’ve reached our secret clues! Scavenger for a number associated with a question on quiz 1. Flip the card to see clues and possibly a link to find more information on the solution to the question.

Sealing is guaranteed

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An analog input is a channel

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Recent enhancements have been made to expand searches

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It’s a VAST range of services

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Keysight's E36000 Basic Power Supplies used to offer power up from 80W-160W before the new models were launched recently

Longer than you think

It is a technology that converts traditional digital or analog sensors into intelligent sensors by providing bidirectional information exchange with the sensor

This is the official product review program of element14

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The 3 A’s

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3D facial recognition is polyangular, unlike 2D recognition.

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It allows for electronics to be packed into tight spaces

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This Murata product is capable of detecting the bicycle’s slightest tilt

It is wireless

Multiple components

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Quiz-2 Clues

Well done you’ve completed quiz 1! Scavenger for clues related to quiz 2. Flip the card to see clues and possibly a link to find more information getting you closer to the answer!

GCT offer USB Type C connectors with mating cycles which are 2x the industry standard

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It falls on the higher end

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Single Board Computers are used in prototyping challenges.

This standard is defined as enabling high bandwidth and seamless connectivity to field devices.

It’s in the "higher" twenties!

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We made it easier recently!

Multicomp Pro is available in a vast range of categories

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Murata supports a variety of emerging mobility technologies

We stock MANY products

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It’s simple to operate in an application

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Industry 4.0 is described as the integration of digital technologies like the IIoT, AI, cloud computing, and big data analytics into industrial processes.

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It lets you view what you see on the instruments on your bench.

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Featured Products


Minitek Microspeed 1.00mm Board-to-Board connector

Shielded design provides superior EMC performance and significantly improved electromagnetic compatibility.

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2.00mm fully intermateable products from GCT

GCT's 2.00mm DIL BTB connectors are in stock at Farnell. These industry-standard parts are available in multiple pin lengths to suit all options of socket height and entry type.4

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Premium PZ2100 Series Precision SMU

High-speed precision source/measure units (SMU) featuring best-in-class narrow pulse width and seamless current measurement ranging.

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ECF Panel Mount Cat5e RJ45 Coupler

Secure high-speed data communication with ease, featuring solid die-cast metal frames for universal panel mounting.

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SCHA63T 6-DOF Gyro for Industrial Applications

SCHA63T 6DoF sensor can enable centimeter-level accuracy in machine dynamics and harsh environments. Ensuring safe, robust, and verified designs.

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Pico Technologies

PicoScope 6000E Series Oscilloscopes

Ultra-deep-memory, high-performance oscilloscopes and MSOs with four or eight analog channels and with up to 1 GHz bandwidth.

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Schneider technology

Power Up! Uninterruptible Power Supply

Keep your critical devices powered and protected with a UPS solution. Experience reliable backup power, surge protection, and peace of mind in any situation. Don't let power outages disrupt your productivity!

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742711 Design Kit, Snap Ferrites, 2.5mm to 27mm

The Anti-EMI Design Kit has patented key technology, 2.5 to 27mm cable diameter. Suitable for STAR-Series snap ferrites. Ideal for design and test purposes.

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