Industrial automation systems and smart factories accelerate product delivery while improving manufacturing responsiveness to rapidly shifting needs, yet these harsh environments demand specialised connectivity approaches that can address functional safety and information security concerns. Discover the extensive offering of ultra-rugged, high-performance industrial automation solutions from Molex.

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Featured products

FCT D-Sub connectors

FCT D-Sub product family provides effective solutions for a variety of applications. Connectors are available in standard, high-density and mixed-layout versions, as well as various material and plating combinations

Key features & benefits
  • Plastic and metal backshells
  • Machined contacts
  • Many different combinations of materials and gold plating thicknesses
  • Water-proof IP67 available
  • Off-the-shelf and custom mixed layout D-Sub connectors available
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Brad nano-change (M8) connectors

Nano-Change (M8) industry standard connectors are rugged, space-saving, sealed connectors for miniature sensors and actuators in industrial control applications

Key features & benefits
  • M8 design meets IEC specifications
  • Sealed, IP67 rating
  • Patented anti-vibration feature
  • Fully potted housing
  • Epoxy potted receptacles
  • Rated to 60 VAC/ 75VDC, up to 4.0A
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Brad micro-change (M12) connectors

Micro-Change industry standard connectors are rugged, compact, sealed connectors used for sensor/actuator connectivity in industrial control applications

Key features & benefits
  • M12 design meets IEC specifications
  • Complete LED machine lighting solutions
  • Rated to 250V AC/DC, up to 4.0A
  • Anti-vibration feature
  • Gold over palladium/nickel plating design
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IP67-Rated harshIO modules

IP67-Rated harshIO modules provide quick and reliable solutions for connecting industrial controllers to I/O devices in harsh environments where liquids, dust or vibration may be present

Key features & benefits
  • Large range of connectivity options to meet customer requirements
  • Fixed I/O module versions
  • Universal MDR system
  • Machine mountable
  • IP67-rated housing
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Brad M8/M12 cordsets

Delivering increased productivity and cost savings, Brad M12 cordsets surpass the performance and reliability of traditional threaded connectors and facilitate quick connections

Key features & benefits
Nano-Change M8:
  • Available with snap or threaded coupler
  • Male and female
  • Straight and 90 degrees
  • PUR/PVC/TPE cable options
Micro-Push M12:
  • Push-on mating interface
  • Visual and tactile keyway alignment
  • IP65 NEMA Rating
  • Threadless coupling
  • Non-metallic coupler
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Brad ultra-lock connection system

The ultra-lock connection system surpasses performance and reliability of traditional threaded connectors, delivering increased productivity and cost savings in industrial automation applications.

Key features & benefits
  • Push-to-lock technology
  • Radial O-ring
  • Rated to 250V AC/DC, up to 4.0A
  • Pre-wired MPIS distribution boxes with ultra-lock connections
  • Receptacles accept ultra-lock or standard M12 threaded cordsets
  • Gold over palladium/nickel plating design
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Brad passive-signal and safety MPIS boxes

Rugged, sealed M8 and M12 passive signal MPIS boxes, featuring high-performance WSOR cable, achieve quick, easy and reliable connections of high-density industrial signal IOs and simplify wiring in harsh factory-automation environments

Key features & benefits
  • Pre-wired passive MPIS (multi-port interconnection system) junction box with home-run cable or M23/ M16 home-run connector port
  • Weld-Slag and oil-resistant (WSOR) home-run cable
  • IEC-compliant M12 / M8 interfaces
  • High voltage rating of 120V DC for no-LED MPIS version
  • IP67- / IP68-rated
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mPm Din Valve Connectors

External-thread DIN Valve Connectors, with unsurpassed IP67 sealing properties and superior cable retention, increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes, reduce inventory and lower applied costs for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic devices

Key features & benefits
  • Each connector accommodates PG9, PG11 cable, up to 9.00mm outer diameter
  • Ergonomic external-nut design
  • Plus / minus screw head on terminal
  • IP67-rated when mated
  • Available UL listed: UL file number E218123
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Brad passive media M12 products