Biodegradable ESD Packaging

Farnell has developed a unique, fully biodegradable packaging solution for electronic components.

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Offering the same level of protection as standard static dissipative bags our exclusive, environmentally friendly alternative uses patented technology to be fully biodegrade, without releasing any harmful chemicals into the environment.

This unique packaging solution is truly innovative and represents a unique combination of attributes.

Static Dissipative


The Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)/starch film from which the bags are made is inherently static dissipative and therefore this property is uniformly present throughout the product (unlike static dissipative additives in similar products which may be unevenly dispersed). The anti-static properties are not temperature or humidity dependant and are not affected by scratching or abrasion.

  • Static charge decay: < 0.002s
  • Surface resistivity: < 1x1010 ohms/sq

Biodegradability / Compostability


PVOH is a readily biodegradable water soluble polymer and completely degrades in a composting environment. It has no harmful residues and ultimately biodegrades to naturally occurring substances.

The unique, patented, combination of PVOH and starch also means that the film meets the recognised European standard for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation — EN13432.

No harmful residues

Tests carried out by PVOH manufacturers have shown that PVOH degrades without leaving any harmful residues. These have shown that sensitive varieties of fish are not affected even at PVOH concentrations of 500mg/l of water.

The printing used on the packaging uses water-based inks to ensure the whole product remains free of potentially harmful substances.

Ageing of components

In tests carried out on the packaging, electronic components stored in them did not suffer any apparent corrosion or oxidisation to metallic parts.


This packaging should not be disposed of or recycled with standard plastics. It can be disposed as general waste in landfill but this may affect the length of time taken to biodegrade. The most effective method of disposal is composting in an industrial composting system. Find composting services composting services in your area or contact your local authority local authority for more information. Alternatively, the packaging will dissolve harmlessly in hot water.