VM801B43A-PL - 

Development Module, VM801B Module, 4.3" TFT LCD Display, Pearl Bezel

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Audio, Video
Dev Module FT801, 4.3" Pre-installed TFT LCD Display, Pearl Bezel
Video Signal Processor
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The VM801B43A-PL is a Basic Development Module with 4.3-inch TFT LCD display, used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the FT801 Embedded Video Engine, EVE. It offers a high-quality capacitive touch display system in an elegantly designed, form-fitted bezel that provides a fitted display and component board in a rugged, plastic enclosure. It behaves as an SPI slave and requires a SPI Master for proper microcontroller interfacing and system integration. Graphic, audio and touch features of the FT801 chip can be accessed with the VM801B. It has speaker for audio output and a 0.1-inch pitch connector socket for interfacing to the SPI interface of the system host MCU. There are 5 power configuration methods including a mini-USB socket and a 2 pin DC connector.
  • Precision fitted bezel in pearl
  • 480x272 resolution TFT LCD
  • Capacitive multi-touch screen LCD
  • Firmware compatible with VM800B module in default single touch mode
  • On-board LCD backlight LED driver
  • On-board audio power amplifier and micro speaker
  • Flexible power supply
  • 5V tolerant buffers when used with a 5V SPI Master
  • 3.3V I²C interface, 100kHz maximum (optional)
  • 3-stage audio filter and power amplifier
  • 8R speaker and audio line out option


Industrial, Commercial, Embedded Design & Development


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